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Distributed Computing Scripts

Distributed Computing Scripts

Copyright © 2018 Teal Dulcet and Daniel Connelly

❤️ Please visit to support these scripts and my other software development.

Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS)

🆕 Thanks to Google's Colaboratory (Colab) service, anyone with an internet connection can now contribute to GIMPS for 🆓, without downloading or installing anything! Please see our google-colab directory for instructions.


Downloads, sets up and runs Prime95. Supports only x86 CPUs.

wget -qO - | bash -s -- [PrimeNet User ID] [Computer name] [Type of work] [Idle time to run (mins)]

To run Prime95 for Stress/Torture Testing, see the Testing and Benchmarking scripts.


Downloads, builds, sets up and runs CUDALucas. Downloads, sets up and runs our PrimeNet Python script for automated PrimeNet assignments.

wget -qO - | bash -s -- [PrimeNet User ID] [Computer name] [Type of work] [Idle time to run (mins)]


Downloads, builds, sets up and runs Mlucas. Downloads, sets up and runs our PrimeNet Python script for automated PrimeNet assignments. Supports x86 Intel and AMD and ARM CPUs, but only recommended for ARM CPUs, which Prime95/MPrime does not support. Prime95/MPrime is faster than Mlucas on x86 CPUs. Run: wget -qO - | bash -s to output your system information, including CPU and architecture. This script follows the recommended instructions on the Mlucas README for each architecture and CPU.

wget -qO - | bash -s -- [PrimeNet User ID] [Computer name] [Type of work] [Idle time to run (mins)]


Automatically gets assignments, reports assignment results and optionally progress to PrimeNet for the GpuOwl, CUDALucas and Mlucas GIMPS programs. Supports both Python 2 and 3 and Windows, macOS and Linux. Requires the Requests library, which is included with many Python 3 installations. The script will automatically install Requests on first run if it is not already installed. GIMPS discontinued first time LL assignments in April 2021, although the script still supports them for users of CUDALucas or with limited disk space. Our GpuOwl, CUDALucas and Mlucas Linux scripts automatically download, setup and run this. Adapted from the PrimeNet Python script from Mlucas by Loïc Le Loarer and Ernst W. Mayer, which itself was adapted from primetools by Mark Rose and teknohog.


Usage: [options]

This program will automatically get assignments, report assignment results and
optionally progress to PrimeNet for the GpuOwl, CUDALucas and Mlucas GIMPS
programs. It also saves its configuration to a “local.ini” file, so it is only
necessary to give most of the arguments the first time it is run. The first
time it is run, if a password is NOT provided, it will register the current
GpuOwl/CUDALucas/Mlucas instance with PrimeNet (see below). Then, it will get
assignments, report the results and progress, if registered, to PrimeNet on a
“timeout” interval, or only once if timeout is 0.

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           Display debugging info
  -w WORKDIR, --workdir=WORKDIR
                        Working directory with “worktodo.ini” and
                        “results.txt” files from the GIMPS program, and
                        “local.ini” from this program, Default: . (current
  -i WORKFILE, --workfile=WORKFILE
                        WorkFile filename, Default: “worktodo.ini”
                        ResultsFile filename, Default: “results.txt”
  -l LOCALFILE, --localfile=LOCALFILE
                        Local configuration file filename, Default:
  -u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
                        GIMPS/PrimeNet User ID. Create a GIMPS/PrimeNet
                        account: If you do
                        not want a PrimeNet account, you can use ANONYMOUS.
  -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        GIMPS/PrimeNet Password. Only provide if you want to
                        do manual testing and not report the progress (not
                        recommend). This was the default behavior for old
                        versions of this script.
  -T WORKTYPE, --worktype=WORKTYPE
                        Type of work, Default: 100, 4 (P-1 factoring), 100
                        (smallest available first-time LL), 101 (double-check
                        LL), 102 (world-record-sized first-time LL), 104 (100M
                        digit number LL - not recommended), 150 (smallest
                        available first-time PRP), 151 (double-check PRP), 152
                        (world-record-sized first-time PRP), 153 (100M digit
                        number PRP), 155 (double-check using PRP with proof),
                        160 (first time Mersenne cofactors PRP), 161 (double-
                        check Mersenne cofactors PRP)
  -g, --gpuowl          Get assignments for a GPU (GpuOwl) instead of the CPU
                        Get assignments for a GPU (CUDALucas) instead of the
                        CPU (Mlucas). This flag takes as an argument the
                        CUDALucas output filename.
  --num_workers=NW      Number of worker threads (CPU Cores/GPUs), Default: 1
  -c CPU, --cpu_num=CPU
                        CPU core or GPU number to get assignments for,
                        Default: 0
  -n NUM_CACHE, --num_cache=NUM_CACHE
                        Number of assignments to cache, Default: 0
  -L DAYS_WORK, --days_work=DAYS_WORK
                        Days of work to queue (1-90 days), Default: 3.0 days.
                        Adds one to num_cache when the time left for the
                        current assignment is less then this number of days.
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                        Seconds to wait between network updates, Default: 3600
                        seconds (1 hour). Use 0 for a single update without
  --status              Output a status report and any expected completion
                        dates for all assignments and exit.
  --unreserve_all       Unreserve all assignments and exit. Requires that the
                        instance is registered with PrimeNet.

  Registering Options: sent to PrimeNet/GIMPS when registering. The progress will automatically be sent and the program can then be monitored on the GIMPS website CPUs page (, just like with Prime95/MPrime. This also allows for the program to get much smaller Category 0 and 1 exponents, if it meets the other requirements (
    -H HOSTNAME, --hostname=HOSTNAME
                        Computer name, Default: example
                        Processor (CPU) model, Default: cpu.unknown
                        CPU features, Default: ''
                        CPU frequency (MHz), Default: 1000 MHz
    -m MEMORY, --memory=MEMORY
                        Total memory (RAM) (MiB), Default: 0 MiB. Required for
                        P-1 assignments.
    --L1=L1             L1 Cache size (KiB), Default: 8 KiB
    --L2=L2             L2 Cache size (KiB), Default: 512 KiB
    --np=NP             Number of CPU Cores, Default: 1
    --hp=HP             Number of CPU threads per core (0 is unknown),
                        Default: 0


For installing on multiple computers to a shared or network directory. Developed for use by the PSU Computer Science Graduate Student Organization. Also used by our Google Colab Jupyter Notebooks.


wget -qO - | bash -s -- <Computer number> [PrimeNet User ID] [Computer name] [Type of work] [Idle time to run]


wget -qO - | bash -s -- <Computer number> [PrimeNet User ID] [Computer name] [Type of work] [Idle time to run]


Downloads, installs and sets up BOINC.

wget -qO - | bash -s -- <Project URL> <E-mail> <Password>


wget -qO - | bash -s -- <Project URL> <Account Key>

This script can be used with any project that uses BOINC.


Downloads, installs and sets up Folding@home.

wget -qO - | bash -s -- [Username] [Team number] [Passkey] [Power]

These scripts should work on Ubuntu, Debian and any Linux distribution that can use the apt package manager.


Pull requests welcome! Ideas for contributions:

PrimeNet script:

  • Support more GIMPS programs.
  • Support reserving exponents in a range (#4) or a specific exponent.
  • Support setting more of the program options.
  • Support getting different work types on different CPU cores or GPUs.
  • Improve the error handling of PrimeNet API calls.
  • Support the recovery of assignments if there is an error.
  • Check for new results to submit when the results file is updated.
  • Automatically detect more system information using code from psutil, so users do not have to manually determine and specify it.
    • Currently this requires using the Bash scripts.
  • Improve the performance.
  • Add an option to send the user an e-mail/text message if there is an error, if the GIMPS program has not made any progress in a while or if it found a prime, using the Send Msg CLI/SendPy.
  • Add a quit GIMPS feature, where it will not download any new assignments, but will still finish and report the existing ones.
  • Support reporting interim residues.
  • Support downloading certification assignments.
  • Adapt Loïc Le Loarer's test suite.


  • Create install script for the GpuOwl GIMPS program
  • Update install scripts to support CLI options
  • Add options for setting the maximum CPU time
  • Update CUDALucas to support PRP tests and the Jacobi error check for LL tests
  • Update Mlucas to support the Jacobi error check for LL tests
  • Create a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) GIMPS program and Google Colab TPU notebook (#3)

Thanks to Daniel Connelly for updating the PrimeNet Python script from Mlucas to eliminate the password requirement by getting assignments using the PrimeNet API and to support reporting the assignment results and progress for CUDALucas using the PrimeNet API, for porting the Prime95 script to Python and for helping create and test the Google Colab Jupyter Notebooks!

Thanks to Ernst W. Mayer for helping test and for providing feedback on the Mlucas install script.