Scripts for working with prime number search
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Scripts for working with prime number search

These are written in standard Python without any external libraries. I have only tested these on Linux, but there should be no OS limitations.

Currently, these tools comprise automatic work handlers so that certain third-party software (that do the actual computation) can access Primenet (

For trial factoring with mfakto (should work with mfaktc too)

For Lucas-Lehmer primality testing with clLucas (also CUDALucas)

Future plans

  • Serving multiple mfakto directories with one process. I already have a simple idea for this, but the benefits over running separate mfloops would be questionable: a slight reduction in network traffic vs. more complicated configuration and less control over individual GPUs.

  • Merge the two scripts, as they share a lot of code - though there are lots of small differences all over, so the result may turn out quite ugly.