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TBL Token Sale Smart Contract

Table of contents


  • Token Identifier
    • symbol TBL
    • name Tombola
    • decimals 18
    • supply 500,000,000 TBL
  • Functions
    • Contract Documentation and owner user guide
    • Self-Audit and Testing Report
    • Deployment Guideline and Checklist
    • A Complete Smart Contract Code:
      • Standard ERC20 Token Contract
      • Standard Contract Function, eg transferOwnership etc
      • Able to set wallet address any time
      • Able to set price per token any time
      • Able to stop/start the token sale anytime
      • Start/stop token sale can also be control by Timestamp
      • Able to start token sale multiple times
      • A mintable token, TBL token only produce when someone contribute

Operations On The Token Sale Contract

  • Anytime
    • Owner can call transferOwnership(...) to allow the current owner to transfer control of the contract to a newOwner.
  • After Start Date And Before End Date
    • Participants can send ETH to the default () function and receive tokens
    • Owner can call finalise() if soft cap reached or we are past the end date
  • Before Finalised
    • Owner can call setRate(...) to set the exchange rate
    • Owner can call setHardCap(...) to set the maximum of the next token sale
    • Owner can call setSalePeriod(...) to set the maximum of the next token sale
    • Owner can call addPrecommitment(...) to add precommitment balances
    • Owner can call setWalletAddress(...) to update address where funds are collected
    • Owner can call pause() and unpause() to start or stop the crowdsale
  • After Finalised
    • Participant can call the normal transfer(...), increaseApproval(...),decreaseApproval(...) ,approve(...) and transferFrom(...) to transfer tokens
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