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ColdFusion 42 30


An object oriented validation framework for ColdFusion objects

Updated Feb 4, 2016

JavaScript 0 1

Documentation site for the ValidateThis Framework

Updated Sep 28, 2015

ColdFusion 66 21


A native Selenium RC binding for ColdFusion

Updated Mar 16, 2015

ColdFusion 96 29


CfStatic is a framework for managing the inclusion and packaging of CSS and JavaScript in CFML applications.

Updated Feb 25, 2015

ColdFusion 28 19


My Railo Extension provider including CFPOI (<cfspreadsheet>)

Updated Jan 6, 2015

ColdFusion 4 4


A simple CFML application for managing a list of available speakers (e.g. for user groups, conferences, etc.)

Updated Jan 1, 2015

ColdFusion 0 1


forked from Teamwork/TeamworkAPICFC API CFC for ColdFusion

Updated Dec 28, 2014

ColdFusion 4 3


Updated Oct 28, 2014

JavaScript 2 1


Our public website. Want to help, just fork master, make your additions and send a pull request.

Updated Oct 25, 2014

ColdFusion 0 1


forked from robertdmunn/thumbnailmagic

A CFML-based tool for generating thumbnails from a variety of sources

Updated Sep 14, 2014

ColdFusion 35 21


BlogCFC is a ColdFusion blog.

Updated Aug 29, 2014

JavaScript 0 33


forked from maryjos/xindi

Xindi is a lightweight CFML content management system ideally suited to smaller websites.

Updated Aug 28, 2014

ColdFusion 3 0


A permissions and roles based security system that can be plugged into any system that has users with IDs, using any type of persistence storage.

Updated Jul 14, 2014

ColdFusion 9 5


Updated Jul 14, 2014


A ColdFusion module for integrating with payment gateways, e.g. PayPal, Amazon, etc. so that any ColdFusion application can accept payments.

Updated Jun 5, 2014

ColdFusion 0 26


forked from Ortus-Solutions/commandbox

CommandBox CLI, Package Manager and more

Updated Jun 5, 2014

ColdFusion 0 8


forked from coldfumonkeh/GoogleAnalytics

A ColdFusion wrapper to interact with the Google Analytics Core Reporting API and OAuth2 authentication

Updated May 29, 2014

ColdFusion 2 29


forked from ghidinelli/cfpayment

ColdFusion payment processing library makes plumbing e-commerce apps easy. Charging credit cards has never been easier. Inspired by Ruby's ActiveMerchant.

Updated Apr 15, 2014

ColdFusion 3 3


Provides functions for generating an irreversible key of variable length to be used as a shortened URL variable.

Updated Feb 12, 2014

ColdFusion 1 0


This is an API integration with Project VoteSmart's API

Updated Jan 3, 2014

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