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My Visual Piano: Journey

Beginning of our Journey

Our inspiration came from our sponsor, the Microsoft Research team, that built eye-controlled applications in the hope of restoring and re-inventing music-making experience for people with physical mobility impairment. With our beliefs in mind, we sought to extend our sponsor’s project and create an alternative music-making application that provides experiences our sponsor’s current applications have not covered on.

Initially, we were quite uncertain about how we should achieve our goal precisely, but through weeks of discussions with our sponsor and amongst ourselves, our sight became clearer and the project gradually took shape.

Our Idea

Upon biweekly meetings with Microsoft Research, we got the mentoring necessary to drive us towards the path creating our project. Previous eye gazing projects were developed with a loop based music platform. With this in mind, we decided to tackle a more unique approach: a live based piano software that utilizes a Tobii eye tracker.


  • Meet up biweekly with Microsoft Research (Ann Paradiso and Dwayne Lamb)
  • Meet with Jeremy Best (ALS stakeholder) to learn about ALS and gather user feedback about our project
  • 1 project manager, 1 designer, 2 developers - work each week to complete tasks
  • Develop Universal Windows Program application with user feedback in mind

End Goals

  • Inspire the open source community to dive into eye-tracking development
  • Launch app in Windows app store


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