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Houdini add-on for Sublime Text
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Houdini add-on for Sublime Text


  • HScript and HScript Expressions syntax.
  • Expression function auto-completions with arguments.
  • Expression function documentation via styled popups.
  • Nicely used in VEX snippets inside backticks by VEX add-on.

Open issues for bug reports, requests, suggestions, etc.


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Preferences → Package Control → Install Package → HScript


  1. Recent version of Sublime Text.

  2. Package Control

    Tools → Install Package Control

Optional: VEX add-on

Similar add-on for VEX and VEX Expressions. Syntax, auto-completions, documentation popups. It can use HScript add-on inside backtick-expressions embedded inside snippets.


Open any HScript code and choose HScript using menu at the right bottom corner of the editor. If you don't want to change from Batch to HScript every time you open file with .cmd extension, there is "Open all with current extension as..." action in the same menu.

When you start to type expression function name, it will prompt you with suggestions. You can choose one and use Tab and Shift+Tab keys to navigate back and forth.

To show docs for the function:

Tools → Command Pallette → HScript: Show Documentation for Function Under Cursor

Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+D.

For the rest, check Sublime Text Documentation, it has many small features that make textual editing easy and powerful.


Public domain.

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