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Go Incognito: A Guide to Security, Privacy, & Anonymity

Go Incognito is a video-based course teaching users of varying experience levels about privacy, security, and anonymity. It’s a core part of the Techlore mission to educate users and transform their mindset of why, where, when, and how to treat their personal information. Go Incognito is available free to watch, is shareable to the public through a Creative Commons license, and features a premium version with serveral perks - also functioning as a support method for the course.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Navigating Go Incognito

Premium Perks & Improvements

  • No ads, promos, or video outros
  • Hundreds of video production improvements. View them here
  • Updated to reflect 2021 changes
  • Course quizzes
  • Downloadable resources, guides, checklists & more
  • Tight-knit course community where you interact with other students
  • Ability to contact myself, your instructor
  • Certificate to show-off Go Incognito completion
  • Polished experience in a dedicated portal to access and track progress from a single place

Contributing to Go Incognito

There are several ways you can support this initiative, here are the main methods:

  • Purchasing the premium course
  • Directly donating to our channel through Patreon, Brave Rewards, Monero, or other donation methods found here.
  • Sharing the course with your friends and family. It's friendly to both beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Spreading the course to different communities around the internet.
  • Uploading the free course to a platform of your choice. Because the free course is licensed under Creative Commons, go for it! Assuming: A) It's unmodified B) It's unmonetized and C) Techlore is credited. Premium is not under CC.