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Barebones Instagram realtime endpoint for posting images to a chat service (Campfire).

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ChatGram is a barebones Instagram realtime endpoint for posting images to a chat service. With it, you can...

  • See when friends post pics -- in RealTime (tm)!

  • Search for recent Instagrams in a given lat/long!

    (Note: This requires custom location search => lat/long coordinates integration).


  1. Clone the repo from GitHub.
  2. bundle install --binstubs to load the right dependencies.
  3. bin/rake chatgram:setup to create the database.
  4. bin/rackup to start the server.

See chat_gram.rb for the env variables.

If you don't want to use Bundler or Rubygems, you can require chat_gram/app manually and start it up like any other Rack application. Booya.


ChatGram is designed to be deployed on Heroku. That means, config files are replaced with environment variables. See ./chat_gram.rb for the expected environment variables.


I tried to make the basic pieces as abstract as possible. You should be able to write custom chat service endpoints, or store your data in CouchDB...

Chat Services

The only service supported currently is Campfire.

Data Store

The data store has a simple API and can basically support anything. Only basic DB support is included.


  • Document startup env vars better
  • Add yaml config file support.
  • Finish Admin UI.
  • Come up with a clever way to load other chat services or data stores.
  • Bundle into a gem.
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