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# This is designed to quickly launch the ChatGram app. You can also manually
# require and configure the app yourself if you like.
require 'rubygems'
require 'bundler'
require File.expand_path("../lib/chat_gram/app", __FILE__)
# See
Instagram.configure do |c|
# Your OAuth Client ID
c.client_id = ENV['INSTAGRAM_ID']
# Your OAuth Client Secret
c.client_secret = ENV['INSTAGRAM_SECRET']
# The access token of the Instagram user that fetches media content and
# performs media searches.
c.access_token = ENV['ACCESS_TOKEN']
# The detault latitude for media searches by location.
:instagram_lat => ENV['INSTAGRAM_LAT'],
# The detault longitude for media searches by location.
:instagram_lng => ENV['INSTAGRAM_LNG'],
# Allows you to specify a custom Instagram client instance.
:instagram_client => nil,
# Configures the chat service.
:service =>
# The Campfire account subdomain.
:domain => ENV['CAMPFIRE_DOMAIN'],
# The token to authenticate with Campfire.
:token => ENV['CAMPFIRE_TOKEN'],
# The Campfire Room ID
:room => ENV['CAMPFIRE_ROOM']),
# Configures the data store.
:model =>
# The URI of the database (automatically set by Heroku).
:url => ENV['DATABASE_URL'])