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DMARC Report Tool for use with rddmarc or dmarcts-report-parser (formerly imap-dmarcts)
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LICENSE MORE Screenshots! Jun 1, 2018


A PHP viewer for DMARC records that have been parsed by John Levine's rddmarc script or the

  • Allow to view pass/fail data for the parsed reports
  • Identify potential DMARC related issues through red/orange/green signals


alt text

Larger version of Screenshot 1

alt text

Larger version of Screenshot 2

Installation and Configuration

NOTE: The viewer expects that you have already populated a database with data from John Levine's rddmarc script or the script.

To install dependencies...

on Debian/Unbuntu:

you need a webserver (apache, nginx, ...) with installed php and additionaly:

apt-get install  php-mysql

Download the required files:

git clone

Once the PHP files have been downloaded, you will need to copy dmarcts-report-viewer-config.php.sample to dmarcts-report-viewer-config.php.

cp dmarcts-report-viewer-config.php.sample dmarcts-report-viewer-config.php


Next, edit these basic configuration options at the top of the dmarcts-report-viewer-config.php file with the appropriate information:


$default_lookup = 1;  # 1=on 0=off (on is old behaviour )
$default_sort = 1;  # 1=ASCdening 0=DESCending (ASCending is default behaviour )

Ensure that dmarcts-report-viewer-config.php, dmarcts-report-viewer.php, and default.css are in the same folder.


Navigate in your browser to the location of the dmarcts-report-viewer.php file.

You should be presented with the basic report view, allowing you to navigate through the reports that have been parsed.

Legend of the Colors

  • Green : DKIM and SPF = pass
  • Red : DKIM and SPF = fail
  • Orange : Either DKIM or SPF (but not both) = fail
  • Yellow : Some other condition, and should be investigated (e.g. DKIM or SPF result were missing, "softfail", "temperror", etc.)

More info can currently be found at :

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