A script that lets you download mangas from mangafox.com
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Mangafox Download Script


Mangafox Download Script is a manga downloader similar to my old Onemanga Download Script (although onemanga.com shut down). It works by scraping the image URL from every page in a manga chapter. It then it downloads all the images. I created this because I prefer reading manga with the use of a viewer like Comix. I also prefer keeping manga on my hard drive in case I am not connected to the internet.


  • Python 3.3 or better
  • BeautifulSoup (pip install beautifulsoup4)

Tested on Arch Linux. It should work on any Linux, OS X, or Windows machine as long as the dependencies are installed.


Mandatory argument: -m --manga

Optional Argumentsq: -s -e -c Create cbz Archive -r Remove image files after the creation of cbz archive"""

To download an entire series:

~ $ python mfdl.py -m MANGA_NAME

To download a specific chapter:

~ $ python mfdl.py -m MANGA_NAME -s CHAPTER

To download a range of manga chapter:

~ $ python mfdl.py python mfdl.py -m MANGA_NAME -s CHAPTER_START -e CHAPTER_END


Download all of The World God Only Knows:

~ $ python mfdl.py -m "The World God Only Knows"

Download The World God Only Knows chapter 222.5:

~ $ python mfdl.py -m "The World God Only Knows" -s 222.5

Download The World God Only Knows chapters 190-205:

~ $ python mfdl.py -m "The World God Only Knows" -s 190 -e 205


Please do not overuse and abuse this and destroy Mangafox. If you've got some cash, why not donate some to them and help them keep alive and combat server costs? I really would not like people to destroy Mangafox because of greedy downloading. Use this wisely and don't be evil.