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Templates for aws cdk
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AWS CDK is th "Cloud Development Kit" which lets you programm CloudFormation Templates.

This is a collection of templates for the cdk


cdk version 0.37

Simple application load balancer with "hello world" webserver on instance. It spins up its own vpc for that.

alb-update has examples for

  • Auto generate AMI for region and OS type
  • Attach AWS managed policy to role
  • EC2 Userdata in external file
  • Attach Role for SSM Session Manager to instance in ASG

Usage of alb-update

  • cdk deploy
  • Open LoadBalancer DNS in browser


cdk version 0.37

Simple Lambda which takes all files from local lambda directory. It create the lambda ressource and uploads the code.

lambda-simple has examples for

  • lambda with local code (asset)
  • Programming resources and Lambda in the same programming language.

Usage of lambda-simple

  • cdk deploy
  • execute lambda

OpsCenter Role

cdk version 0.37

Role for AWS OpsCenter

OpsCenterRole has example for

  • Create IAM Role with own policy statements

Usage of OpsCenterRole

Use role in any context.


cdk version 0.37

VPC with a bastion host, which is managed by SSM. So no security groups.

vpc-bastion has examples for

  • Instance ProfileRole
  • Searching EC2 image types

USage of vpc-bastion

Connect to bastion host with Systems Manager session manager, or new mssh.

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