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A Colorful Game of Life
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tedivm's Game of Life

Life should be colorful, and that's what this version of Conway's Game of Life brings.


  • Reset - Enter Key
  • Speed - Up/Down Keys
  • Pause/Unpause - Spacebar
  • Increment Generation - Right Arrow Key
  • Debug Info (to console) - D Key
  • Shrink/Grow cell size- S and G Keys


All modes follow the original rules of Conway's Game of Life to define whether a cell lives, dies, or is created.

Ther are also a variety of rules on how colors are assigned.

  • Color Logic is unique to each mode and defines how cells are assigned colors.
  • Persistence defines whether existing cells keep their color or have them recalculated.
  • Mutation adds an additional step to the color logic that gives a small number of cells a random color.
  • Spectrum initializes the grid with a gradient of color rather than randomly.
Modes Color Logic Persistence* Mutation* Spectrum*
Blend Wheel
Blend Spectrum

* These modes are optional and will be randomly toggled on at the start of each run.


This is the original version of Conway's Game of Life. The color of the cells are all the same, and that value is selected randomly when a new world is generated.


When cells are given colors they take on the color of the majority of their neighbors. If there is a tie then a random color is selected from the tied values.

Blend Wheel

When cells are given colors they take on average color of their neighbors. This value is calculated on a color wheel.

Blend Spectrum

When cells are given colors they take on average color of their neighbors. This value is calculated on a color spectrum, and as a result it loses the extreme ends of the spetrum quickly and tends to move towards the center of the spectrum over time.


Cell colors are based on the population density surrounding the cell.


Each generation is assigned a specific color. Most of the time this uses a color spectrum, so that each generation is subtlety different than the previous one. Other runs it assigns each generation a random color.


Cell colors are assigned at random.

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