Fast Base64 Encoder & Decoder
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Fast Base64 Encoder & Decoder library



$ make


$ make check


$ sudo make install

Uninstall (optional)

$ sudo make uninstall


fb64 can be used for command-line encoding & decoding:

$ echo asdf | fb64

$ echo YXNkZgo= | fb64 --decode

fb64 may be preferable over GNU coreutils' base64 if you're dealing with unpadded or base64url-encoded content, both of which require extra work to handle with coreutils' base64.

$ echo ßß | fb64 --base64url --nopad

$ echo w5_Dnwo | fb64 --decode

coreutils' base64 is less accommodating:

$ echo w5_Dnwo | base64 --decode
�base64: invalid input


Decode API

const char input[] = "SGVsbG8sIHdvcmxkIQ==";

size_t decoded_size = fb64_decoded_size(input, strlen(input));
uint8_t output[decoded_size];

fb64_decode(input, strlen(input), output);

printf("%.*s\n", (int)decoded_size, output);

See example.c for a full example.

Encode API

const uint8_t input[] = {'f', 'b', '6', '4', ' ', 'i', 's', ' ', 'f', 'a', 's', 't', '!'};

size_t output_size = fb64_encoded_size(sizeof(input));

char output[output_size + 1]; // include space for NUL-terminator

fb64_encode(input, sizeof(input), output);

// Manually terminate the C-string
output[output_size] = '\0';

printf("%s\n", output);

Library usage

The header & library are installed into /usr/local, so just use them the normal way:

#include <fb64.h>

gcc myprogram.c /usr/local/lib/libfb64.a


Both encode & decode benchmarks are for 1 kiB of random data.

Decoder Time Iterations
modp_b64 572 ns 1150750
fb64 1273 ns 538302
fb64 string 1302 ns 524609
Proxygen/OpenSSL 2843 ns 243047
Boost 10024 ns 67508
Encoder Time Iterations
modp_b64 839 ns 802592
fb64 947 ns 716427
Boost 9026 ns 74113

The "fb64 string" variant wraps the input & output in a std::string for a more direct comparison with the Proxygen/OpenSSL API.

Advanced usage

fb64 can be used to encode or decode streams or large amounts of data by calling the encode/decode functions on blocks of input aligned on encode/decode quantum boundaries. Encode input should be split on 3-octet boundaries; decode input should be split on 4-character boundaries.


  1. fb64_decode() does not accept newlines in its input. It might still be faster than other decoders if the input is preprocessed to delete newlines.

  2. The decode lookup tables are initialzed dynamically at program startup. In future they could be hard-coded.

  3. Both base64 and base64url symbols are accepted equally. ie. input may contain a mix of +, /, - and _ as the last two symbols which will not trigger a decode error. If you need a strict decoder that will only accept one set of symbols you might like to modify the lookup tables to delete the symbols that you don't want, or make a second pass over the input to validate that it conforms to your requirements. See RFC 4648 section 12 "Security Considerations".


  1. The buffer length functions fb64_decoded_size() & fb64_decoded_size_nopad() return incorrect buffer lengths for inputs longer than ⅓ of SIZE_MAX. That's about 6 exabytes (6×10¹⁸) on a 64-bit machine. The preprocessor macros FB64_DECODE_MAX & FB64_ENCODE_MAX can be used to ensure that these limits are not exceeded.

Comparison with modp_b64

modp_b64 is faster. It also uses more memory.

Library Decode memory Decode speed Encode memory Encode speed Total static footprint
fb64 1 kiB 128 kiB 1.125 kiB
modp_b64 4 kiB 2.15× 768 kiB 1.1× 4.75 kiB


fb64 benefits:

  • Supports base64 & base64url code sets simultaneously for both encode & decode (modp_b64 only supports regular base64).
  • Padding is optional at runtime (modp_b64 requires padding to be selected at compile time or to be implemented by the caller).
  • Output buffer size is exact (modp_b64 may over-allocate by a few bytes).
  • Smaller memory footprint. All tables fit within one 4 kiB page and take up less L1 cache; useful if you only encode/decode occasionally.

modp_b64 benefits:

  • Faster, especially at decoding.


MIT License