Torrent indexer written in Ruby/Sinatra. Called Brightswipe.
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======== About

This is Brightswipe. It's a torrent indexer - at least for now; DHT functionality is on the way.

The app hosted at will be going private soon, and will start off exclusive to my school. I hope to do a Facebook-style expansion from there.

It's written in Ruby, with a MySQL backend.

I wrote it keeping everything in in mind, and the project should stay that way.

Thanks for checking in,

========= Installation

It's pretty simple.


  • rubygems
    • bundler

Then just run bundle install


  • Put your DataMapper setup line in dbconfig.rb - modify dbconfig_sample.rb
  • To start the server (and create all necessary files and folders), run: rackup -p 8080 indexer.rb or use it as a Passenger app (like I am).

======== Contributors

  • Max Bernstein - author and primary contributor
  • Christopher Hinstorff - database structure
  • Ashraful Sheikh - graphic design
  • Ege Görgülü - coded design
  • blazes816 of FreeNode - helpful debugger