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stuff which will eventually go public on our website

new intro: intended to provide political/social contex especially less technically-oriented participants:

Counterantidisintermediationism, the longest word in the English language, is a program which supports efforts to disintermediate networked communications. Intermediation is a problem to be confronted in every sphere of human activity. Within this c30s group disintermediation refers primarily to the effort to provide end-to-end communication and network functionality free from intermediate nodes, especially centrally owned and operated servers. The promise of disintermendiated applications and development is

1. a web of high-performance social interaction applicaations where the functionality is hosted locally (i.e. the servers are the users's computers). Distributed applications could scale to compete with large services such as Facebook or Google without the high overhead of purchasing and maintaining large 'metal' server infrastructure.  Computation takes place distributed-locally on the users' omputers.  In principle, this can weaken the potential for capital to monopolize user data and exploit social and other exchange on the Internet.   

2. Better security and privacy options.   Since data is exxchanged end-to-end, without any intermediaries, there is no way to ' the middle' the communication.  Users determine their own threat and security models, and are responsible for maintaining their own OPSEC. No central repository of sensitive keys or other information.

Some parties, threatened by disintermediation initiatives take steps to stymie such efforts and, where disintermediation has been successful, act to re-intermediate networked communication. We can understand the behaviour of these parties by studying the Pennybags identity in the standard threat model diagram

The Pennybags threat involves not only enlisting nefarious parties to disrupt and compromise communications but also to pressure ordinary users not to use distributed alternatives to centralized monopolistic ones (from which Pennybags derives his power and income). We all need to be aware of the general effects of how the prevailing capitalist model influences what kinds of services get developed to what scale and what kinds of biases these will tend ot have.

Counterantidisintermediation therefore directs its energies on two fronts:

1.directly confronting the technical (in terms of the requirements of web applications)  impediments and challenges betweem the centralized and monopolist web we all use today, which is developed through massive investment in advertising, predctive and targeted marketing and surveillance, etc, and a decentralized web we in principle could all be using, which is developed in order to efficiently provide social functionalities according to users needs, keeping the costs of maintaining function infrastructure within everyon's reach because all the hardware is owned and maintained by the users.  

2. confronting the monopolitstic structures of ownership of the internet through political lobbying (I.e  advocating (in government bodies, such as the EU, national assemblies, etc. ) legal innovations conducive to end-to-end functionality, such as mandated IPv6 for all ISPs. ,  publishing and otherwise acting to inform users of what alternatives may already be available what is at stake with the centralisation of web functionality.


the story so far: BCRG -> end2end initiative -> C30S

some notes from the 26.08 meeting writing is civilization

the calc: re-evaluate whthere the criteria should be merged or subdivided elaborate long versions of the calc criteria fields

self-interview / form -> getting participants priorities straight : what goals should we work toward.

we need to define goals

  • some are political (changege something)
  • some are technical (study /research)
  • some are practical (build something)

goal for 9.9 have pellican instance publishing this content to IPFS, Tahoe LAFS and here.

infinity0's text:

moderate term goals

(tech) a system to communicate between meetings

Very long-term goals

(tech) real end to end communication (pol) mandated NAT traversal (all) defeat capitalism