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Telerik UI for Xamarin Forms Developer Focused Examples

The Xamarin.Forms SDK is an easy-to-use infrastructure with many developer focused examples for the UI for Xamarin controls. This repository contains solution full with examples how to achieve different scenarios when working with the controls of Telerik UI for Xamarin. While the Demo Application repository features all controls of Telerik UI for Xamarin and their features, here you will find more of a quick, how-to-achieve certain use case pieces of code.

The solution features the following controls.

Charts Navigation & Layout Data Visualization Buttons
Chart Accordion Barcode Button
Bar Chart DockLayout Radial Gauge Checkbox
Line Chart Expander Linear Gauge Segmented Control
Area Chart SideDrawer Map Document Processing
Scatter Area Chart TabView Rating PDFProcessing
Scatter Line Chart TreeView Editors SpreadProcessing
Scatter Point Chart Interactivity & UX AutoCompleteView SpreadStreamProcessing
Scatter Spline Chart Border ComboBox WordsProcessing
Scatter Spline Area Chart Busy Indicator DateTimePicker ZIP Library
Spline Chart Path DatePicker PDF Viewer
Spline Area Chart Popup Entry PdfViewer
Pie Chart SlideView Image Editor Calendar and Scheduling
Donut Chart Data Controls ListPicker Calendar
OHLC Chart DataForm MaskedInput Chatbots
Candlestick Chart ListView NumericInput Conversational UI
DataGrid RichTextEditor

Prerequisites before building the application

In order to be able to able to build the application the Progress® Telerik® UI for Xamarin controls need to be installed.

UI for Xamarin controls installation

The beautiful and high-performant UI of the application is built using the UI for Xamarin controls provided by Telerik. Before building the application an installation of the controls is required. In the official documentation of Progress® Telerik® UI for Xamarin you can find a detailed information how to install the controls both on Windows and MacOS. After the installation is finished the referenced by the solution binaries will automatically be resolved.

If you prefer to use nuget packages instead of binary references Telerik provides a nuget server. The UI for Xamarin nuget package could be installed from it. Here you can find detailed information about the Telerik nuget server and how you can setup it. Please, be aware that in order to use the nuget server a registration is required.


The documentation for Telerik UI for Xamarin can be found at the following address:


See the license file and any additional license information attached to each sample.


The Xamarin.Forms SDK is an easy-to-use infrastructure with many developer focused examples for the UI for Xamarin controls.







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