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The TELUS Design System (TDS) is a set of living guidelines that communicates our brand promise through our digital experiences. It's a holistic platform that integrates documentation, guidelines and design management that serves as single source for digital design guidelines, code patterns and UI elements.


The TDS Community is a collaborative platform where TELUS designers and developers can rapidly discover, share, and consume their modules as part of the TELUS Design System. This includes React components, the component library for designers, and their documentation.

TDS Community is similar to TDS Core since community components have the same technical and branding foundations as core components, however the underlying governance model and maintenance workflow differs. Here is a high level summary:

Feature TDS Core TDS Community
Component reusability High Moderate
Rate of change Low High
Contribution speed Moderate High
Review board TDS Core Team Digital Platform Ambassadors

The Digital Platform Ambassadors are a team of representatives from every tribe at TELUS digital. They help grow the digital platform and will actively review contributions for the TDS Community to ensure quality standards are met.

Getting started

Consuming TDS Community Sketch assets or React components is very similar to TDS Core. You can follow our getting started guide to learn more.

For designers

During the initial launch of TDS Community, component designs will be audited by internal TELUS design leads and will be delegated to their respective tribe developers for contribution. These notes will be updated once an appropriate place for supplementary Sketch assets are decided.

For developers

Unlike TDS Core, npm modules from TDS Community are prefixed @tds/community-*. To set up your project to consume community or core components:

  1. Follow the getting started guide for developers
  2. Go to the TDS Community catalogue and choose a component to install


To learn how to make contributions to TDS Community, See the contributing guide.

Further Documentation


Marco Donnici

Ryan Oglesby

Enrico Sacchetti

Jack Reeves

Jesse David Peterson

Mujtaba Hasni

Anatolii Gorovyi

Christina L.

Andrew Lam

Jordan Raffoul

Nicholas Mak


Mike Bunce


Samantha Vale

Tyler Dewald

Varun Jain

abdul khan

Nate X

Mike Bunce

Donna Vitan


Fabio Neves

Edison Li

Michelle Linley

Jeffrey Chang


Ruchi Jain

Katherine Szelag