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Tendenci - The Enterprise Open Source Association AMS & Nonprofit Software Solution
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Tendenci 5.+ is the next iteration of a product started in 2001 and released open source in 2012. It is built specifically for NPOs (Non Profit Organizations.) We started with a focus completely on associations but now being open source GPL it is much broader in scope. It is a content management system (CMS) with powerful features for event registration, membership management, donations, payments, email integration and much more.

Tendenci allows membership management organizations to communicate, manage and conduct transactions with web site visitors. Tendenci is easy to use and offers many modules as one customizable software package. The 5.x version is open source and built on Django/Python/Postgres and Ubuntu.

Tendenci 7+ is the latest version that is compatible with Django 1.8. Currently, it's only available on github - hasn't been pushed to pypi yet.


Got tired of spammers so pulled the demo. Sheesh people. Get a life. Anyway, you can do a free 30 day trial without risk at


If you want to test it locally quickly (e.g. client demo etc), you can try it ASAP by following the instructions on

Community forums for questions that may not fit in issues on github or solutions to questions on installation. We check these more frequently than the issues on github and it is also where you can read about the Roadmap going forward. Your input is greatly appreciated! (Seriously - this changing the world stuff is hard and we could use your input and maybe a few pull requests too!)

Detailed installation documentation is in the docs/source/installation directory and online at You will need to install the server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (or later) and Postgres 9.3 (or later.) Cloud hypervisors work fine.

Dockers? We are using them in our test environments now. We'll have a public docker file up soon in the registry. Testing internally currently. It is based on the phusion/basebox so feel free to play with that in the meanttime.

Hosted Solutions

Not a programmer and you just want to host it somewhere else? You can ask your current favorite web developer who you already work with. Or do a free trial on Cool with us either way. We'll even help them set you up if needed. Geek to Geek.


"Connect and Oragnize the World's People"


Our mission: "To make Tendenci the number 1 platform for NPOs/NGOs/Arts organizations globally."


The License information (Open Source GPL) can be found at



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