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Terminal recording and playback.
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Terminal recording and playback, written in Go. All terminal recordings are currently saved as private Gist postings.


Note: If Go is already installed, will use the currently installed version to install termbacktime.

There is now an install script for Linux, Darwin, and Windows 10 using WSL. This will install go1.12.5 by default. For other distributions please see the releases page. Go will be installed in /usr/local/go and $GOPATH is set to $HOME/go.

curl -s -L | sudo bash

To install a different version of Go besides v1.12.5:

 sudo ./ <version>

For example, 1.12.0 would be sudo ./ 1.12.0

If you already have Go installed, you can manually install:

go get -u
cd $GOPATH/src/
make install


In order to submit recordings to Gist you must first authorize termbacktime with GitHub.

termbacktime auth


After authorizing TermBackTime with GitHub simply run termbacktime to start recording!

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