[UNMAINTAINED] JavaScript module for the VC0706 Camera.
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[UNMAINTAINED] This library does not have a maintainer. The source code and repository will be kept at this URL indefinitely. If you'd like to help maintain this codebase, create an issue on this repo explaining why you'd like to become a maintainer and tag @tessel/maintainers in the body.

#Camera Driver for the camera-vc0706 Tessel camera module. The hardware documentation for this module can be found here.

If you run into any issues you can ask for support on the Camera Module Forums.


npm install camera-vc0706


This camera example takes a picture. If a
directory is specified with the --upload-dir
flag, the picture is saved to that directory.

var tessel = require('tessel');
var camera = require('camera-vc0706').use(tessel.port['A']); 

var notificationLED = tessel.led[3]; // Set up an LED to notify when we're taking a picture

// Wait for the camera module to say it's ready
camera.on('ready', function() {
  // Take the picture
  camera.takePicture(function(err, image) {
    if (err) {
      console.log('error taking image', err);
    } else {
      // Name the image
      var name = 'picture-' + Math.floor(Date.now()*1000) + '.jpg';
      // Save the image
      console.log('Picture saving as', name, '...');
      process.sendfile(name, image);
      // Turn the camera off to end the script

camera.on('error', function(err) {

###Properties # camera.resolutions() An object which maps resolution labels to their dimensions. The string labels can be used to configure the camera's resolution.

###Methods # camera.disable() Disable UART connection to camera. Closes connection & ends process.

# camera.setCompression( compressionFactor, callback(err) ) Determine the amount of compression on each image. Should be a number between 0 and 1. Default is 0.2. Note that the compression is saved in Flash and will be persistent between power cycles.

# camera.setResolution( resolution, callback(err) ) Set  the size of images. Options are 'vga' (640x480), 'qvga'(320x240) or  'qqvga' (160x120 ). Default is 'vga'. Note that the resolution is saved in Flash and will be persistent between power cycles.

# camera.takePicture( callback(err, picture) ) Take a still picture. Returns raw buffer data which you can pipe into a raw http stream or save in memory.

###Events # camera.on( 'compression', callback(xyz) ) Emitted when compression is set.

# camera.on( 'error', callback(err) ) Emitted upon error.

# camera.on( 'picture', callback(picture) ) Emitted when a photo is taken. Returns buffer of image.

# camera.on( 'ready', callback() ) Emitted upon first successful communication between the Tessel and the module.

# camera.on( 'resolution', callback(resolution) ) Emitted when resolution is set.

###Configuration In addition to the camera.setCompression() and camera.setResolution() methods, the camera can be configured at creation with an optional configuration object paremeter in the .use() method.

var tessel = require('tessel');
var camera = require('camera-vc0706').use(
  tessel.port['A'], {
      compression: 0.2, 
      resolution: 'vga'

###Further Examples

  • Camera Options. This camera example sets image resolution and compression and then takes a picture. If a directory is specified with the --upload-dir flag, the picture is saved to that directory.

###License MIT or Apache 2.0, at your option