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It's 1.10.0! 🎆

We have some exciting new features in this release:

Official JUnit 5 support! 5️⃣

Our users have been asking for this for a long time, and we're delighted to finally add an official JUnit 5 (Jupiter) extension to Testcontainers. Thanks to @britter and several members of the JUnit team for their support and contribution!

Usage couldn't be easier:

class SomeTest {

    private MySQLContainer mySQLContainer = new MySQLContainer();

    void someTestMethod() {
        String url = mySQLContainer.getJdbcUrl();
         // create a connection and run test as normal

Check out the documentation for more information.

Elasticsearch container class! 😎

Testing against elasticsearch just became much easier, thanks to this great contribution by @dadoonet.

This is based on the official Docker image provided by elastic. Check out the docs to see how easy it is to use.

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