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testtools is a set of extensions to the Python standard library's unit testing framework.

These extensions have been derived from years of experience with unit testing in Python and come from many different sources.


If you would like to learn more about testtools, consult our documentation in the 'doc/' directory. You might like to start at 'doc/overview.rst' or 'doc/for-test-authors.rst'.

To build HTML versions of the documentation, make sure you have sphinx installed and run make docs.


This project is distributed under the MIT license and copyright is owned by Jonathan M. Lange and the testtools authors. See LICENSE for details.

Some code in 'testtools/' is taken from Python's unittest module, and is copyright Steve Purcell and the Python Software Foundation, it is distributed under the same license as Python, see LICENSE for details.

Supported platforms

  • Python 3.7+ or PyPy3

If you would like to use testtools for earlier Pythons, consult the compatibility docs:

testtools probably works on all OSes that Python works on, but is most heavily tested on Linux and macOS.

Optional Dependencies

If you would like to use our Twisted support, then you will need the testtools[twisted] extra.

If you want to use fixtures then you can either install fixtures (e.g. from or or alternatively just make sure your fixture objects obey the same protocol.

Bug reports and patches

Please report bugs using Launchpad at <>. Patches should be submitted as GitHub pull requests, or mailed to the authors. See doc/hacking.rst for more details.

There's no mailing list for this project yet, however the testing-in-python mailing list may be a useful resource:


testtools used to be called 'pyunit3k'. The name was changed to avoid conflating the library with the Python 3.0 release (commonly referred to as 'py3k').


  • Canonical Ltd
  • Bazaar
  • Twisted Matrix Labs
  • Robert Collins
  • Andrew Bennetts
  • Benjamin Peterson
  • Jamu Kakar
  • James Westby
  • Martin [gz]
  • Michael Hudson-Doyle
  • Aaron Bentley
  • Christian Kampka
  • Gavin Panella
  • Martin Pool
  • Julia Varlamova
  • ClusterHQ Ltd
  • Tristan Seligmann
  • Jonathan Jacobs
  • Jelmer Vernooij
  • Hugo van Kemenade
  • Zane Bitter