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Analyse and compare salaries by cohort
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Salary Statistics

Analyse and compare salaries by cohort.

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This tool is very simple to use. You can add as many people, in as many different cohorts, as you like. Each person can be added by entering their details in the inputs in the table footer and either clicking the Add button or hitting Enter. The cohort is simply a string identifying the cohort, for example by job title or year of starting.

You can delete a single person at a time or everyone at once. In the former case, if the inputs are empty when you choose to delete a person, they are filled in with that person's details. This makes it harder to accidentally lose data and means you can easily "edit" someone by deleting them, modifying the inputs and submitting them again. In the latter case a warning appears asking for confirmation, as this cannot be undone.

As you add and remove people, the comparison chart is automatically updated. The box plot shows five values: the central box is the upper and lower quartiles and the median; and the outer "fences" are set at the quartiles plus or minus 1.5 times the interquartile range. Any value outside the fences is considered an outlier and is shown separately.


This project is currently not available via NPM, so you will need to clone the repository. It uses the Angular CLI, so start off by running:

npm install -g @angular/cli
cd [repo directory]
npm install

From there you can run it for local testing/development with:

ng serve

and visit the site at http://localhost:4200. The following commands are also available:

  • ng lint - run TSLint on the *.ts files in src/
  • ng test - run the Karma unit tests, and re-run every time something changes (add --no-watch to run only once)
  • ng e2e - run the Protractor end-to-end tests

Both sets of tests are configured to run using the Chrome browser headlessly, so you won't see anything pop up on your screen.

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