@gocom gocom released this May 7, 2012 · 659 commits to master since this release

This release adds Redcloth-style definition lists and improves Unicode support. Changes:

  • Conditionally use UTF-8 in span regex pattern. Closes #53.
  • Small code cleanups
  • Convert \n to <br/> inside table rows.
  • Added HTML comment block handling.
  • Added ability to control the start attribute and continuation of ordered lists.
  • Adds basic Redcloth-style definition list support.
  • Add ability to customise footnote refs and anchors.
  • Add https protocol to linkrefs.
  • Add unicode support for linkref urls.
  • Added redcloth style list continuation.
  • Loosen recognition of notedefs and notelists.
  • Better recognition of lists adjoined to previous text. (This was reverted in 2.4.1 as it caused issues inside block elements like bc. or bq.)
  • Bugfix: allow apostrophe between ) and a word character.
  • Allow notelist refs to be customised.

Textile v2.4.0 requires PHP 4.4.9 or newer (supports PHP 5.x).