@Bloke Bloke released this Mar 21, 2018 · 357 commits to master since this release

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Notable changes since first beta:

  • Hardened the Languages panel to help prevent form resubmission spamming (thanks, Pete Cooper).
  • Added ability to copy an article (from the Articles list panel) without automatically saving it (thanks, cara-tm). This is distinct from 'Duplicate' which does save the clone as Draft with a new title that includes the ID.
  • Added rel attribute to newer/older tags.
  • Improved the Themes update/export multi-edit options to be clearer.
  • Fixed blank page on them update if no theme selected (thanks, NicolasGraph).
  • Fixed layout bugs on the Themes panel (thanks, phiw13).
  • Tweaked layout of upload category buttons on Images and Files panels (thanks, phiw13).
  • Fixed alignment of Textfilter drodowns.
  • Added a whole bunch of other visual tweaks to improve usability.
  • Tightened other language text around the place (thanks, Destry).
  • Fixed Diagnostics alert for All Checks Passed (thanks, Adi).
  • Removed global attribute fields in tag builder, pending overall tag builder improvements.
  • Fixed pagination in plugins using legacy pageby calls (thanks, Adi).
  • Fixed order of Form blocks (thanks, phiw13).
  • Improved Languages API and reintroduced public $textarray to help plugins authors (thanks Adi).
  • Permitted multiple language identifiers in a single Textpack (e.g. en, en-us, en-gb).
  • Fixed a few stray Textpack string grouping issues.
  • Fixed string trim when using the escape attribute's tidy feature (thanks, cara-tm).
  • Tightened data sanitization and added more defensive coding (thanks, Manuel García Cárdenas).
  • Fixed /title only mode and /year/month/day/title interpretations (thanks, planeth44).
  • Included new translations - thank you to all translators who work tirelessly to keep up with our code meddling.