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Free, Open-Source, and Easy-To-Use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) built on .NET - Don't Write Code, Build Functionality
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Please note this project is currently in an Alpha (preview) state and subject to change.

sharpRPA is a Free, Open-Source, and Easy-To-Use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution built on the .NET Framework in C#. sharpRPA allows you to automate straight-forward and repetative actions with ease - Don't Write Code, Build Functionality!

Start Screen

Main App Window

Finished Script Examples

Here are a few examples of sample scripts that have been built.

Script Example1 Script Example2

Request a Feature

Don't see an automation feature you are looking for? Create a new enhancement issue!

Don't want to build your own?

Click here to view the latest releases. Release binaries are built in Visual Studio 'Release' mode and packaged into a .ZIP file. Simply extract to a folder, double-click and run to get started.

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