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GNotes is no longer active. Evernote decided my implementation was no bueno and disconnected it. I don't currently have the time to update the API, so GNotes will be non-functional until I come up for air... maybe never.

If you want to get it going again, read Issue #8 and submit a pull request.


Basically, I really like Evernote. But I don't like the interface to Evernote. As a coder, I like the interface to Atom, Sublime Text, and iTerm.

Markdown is a beautiful thing, and I prefer to write notes with markdown formatting. Evernote doesn't let me use markdown.

I like to write a lot of notes and Evernote isn't the most convenient thing to pull up.

Sometimes I like to write very long notes and Evernote gets laggy.

I don't like to rely on a third party service to hold all my content, so it's nice to have a local copy of everything.

And... I was curious about AWS Lambda and needed a good test project.

How it works

Uses Dropbox, Evernote, and AWS.

Connect your Dropbox and Evernote account. Save a markdown file into the Dropbox folder and it will sync to Evernote.

Sign up at

Works like this:

  1. Save a markdown file into your connected Dropbox folder
  2. Dropbox webhook calls AWS API Gateway, which executes an AWS Lambda
  3. AWS Lambda queues a job in SNS, which is connected to another AWS Lambda
  4. Lambda #2 grabs the file from Dropbox, converts it to ENML, uploads to Evernote

Hosted 100% on AWS:

  • API Gateway - connecting to AWS Lambdas
  • Lambda - all business logic
  • SNS - connecting multiple Lambdas
  • DynamoDB - save file id's
  • S3 - host website
  • Cloudfront - CDN & enables an SSL certificate to be installed

Signup Process Flow AWS, Dropbox, Evernote

Save Note Process Flow, AWS, Dropbox, Evernote

Repo structure


All AWS Lambdas and all business logic code is in this folder. There are two scripts used to develop and deploy to AWS:

  • node run-lambda [folder name] - Run this code in the terminal to execute the Lambda locally. Must have a folder named [folder name], with files named index.js and event.json
  • node deploy-zip [folder name] - Zips up Lambda code, node_modules, and shared files and uploads it to named AWS Lambda.


Built with Punch

To run this on your local machine:

git clone
npm install
punch s

Be sure to create a .env file.

Right now there are a few hard coded sections. Not ideal, but I don't really expect anybody else to be running versions of this on their own server any time soon.


Save a markdown file into a dropbox folder and it will sync to Evernote






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