A small lib for annotating Clojure code with todos
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Clojure to do annotation

The clj-todo lib is designed for easily annotating Clojure programs with todo items. The lib generates a todo summary which includes code fragments to make it easy to extract all todos without having to read trough the entire source code. As Clojure code (idiomatically) is written as small atomic components these reports should be perfect for code reviews.


clj-todo version 0.4.0 is uploaded to clojars. To use it, simply add it to your lein dependencies as

[clj-todo "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]

The current version (0.4.0) is targeted at Clojure 1.2.0 and Clojure contrib 1.2.0.

Example usage

Here is a full example of using the todo macro: (also included in source)

(ns clj-todo.example
  (:use clj-todo))

(defn lousy-function
  [param-1 param-2]
    (println "doing one thing here")
     "This part looks ugly"
     (map param-1 (repeat param-2))
    (println "a third thing here")))

 "I don't like how this function works at all. It could be O(1)."
 (defn range-sum 
   (reduce + (range n))))

To get a summary of the todos use lein todo. If lein todo is given a list of namespaces it will print the todos of these. If none is given it will use all namespaces in the project.

Summary of todos:

This part looks ugly
(map param-1 (repeat param-2))

I don't like how this function works at all. It could be O(1).
(defn range-sum [n] (reduce + (range n)))

At the moment, running lein todo will remove all compiled files as the program has to expand macros to build the todo log.

If :todo-log is given in project.clj, todos will also be written to that file. See project.clj for an example of this.