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Broadcast Chroma lighting from a Mixer game client
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Broadcast Chroma lighting from a Mixer game client

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  • Razer Synapse 3 should be installed and logged in.

  • The Chroma Connect module within Synapse should be installed.



The Mixer game client broadcasts Chroma lighting for viewers of your live stream. The game client also displays an interactive Chroma widget in your live stream.

Quick Note

  • Only the streamer needs to run the Chroma Client for Mixer application.

  • The viewer just needs to install Synapse and the Connect module within Synapse to see Chroma on the viewers hardware.

Video: Chroma Client for Mixer Setup 0.1.5

Video: Client for Mixer Update 0.1.1


First install the ChromaClientForMixer found in the Releases section.

The installer creates an application shortcut on the desktop.



Launch the Chroma Game Client for Mixer.


Click the Authorize Mixer button to allow the game client to broadcast to Mixer.


The APPROVE button will authorize the game client.


You can verify or remove the authorization in your Mixer account settings in the OAUTH APPS tab.


When the Broadcast on Mixer checkbox is checked, Chroma will broadcast to Mixer. The checkbox can be checked at any time. Broadcast is intended to be enabled simultaneously with other software like OBS.


Custom Widgets

  • The Chroma circle is a draggable widget that can be placed anywhere on top of the live video.

  • The eye will toggle visibility for the virtual Chroma device toggles.

  • Each Chroma device is draggable and resizable.

  • Hold shift while resizing to maintain aspect ratio.



  • What if broadcast is on, but viewers aren't seeing lighting data?
  1. Make sure Synapse is installed and logged in.

  2. Connect a Chroma-enabled device.

  3. Synapse will show an update and install the drivers for the device.

  4. Make sure the Synapse Connect Module is installed.


  1. Viewers should have Chroma REST API Client for Mixer at the top of the Synapse Connect App List. This will ensure that Mixer has the Chroma focus above any other Chroma apps that might be running at the same time.


  • What if the viewer isn't seeing Chroma lighting?
  1. Check that the REST API is responding.

  2. Make sure the Razer Chroma SDK Server and Service are running.


  1. If the Razer Chroma SDK Server or Service can't be started then stop both and try to start again. Try a reboot.

  2. If there's still an issue, reinstall the Chroma Connect Module in Synapse.


  1. The REST API should work and refresh the Mixer channel to see Chroma lighting.
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