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Chrome Speech Proxy

The Chrome Speech Proxy makes it possible to use the Speech API on non-WebGL platforms for Windows and Mac.

See Also

The WebGL For Speech Detection package is available in the Unity Asset Store.

The WebGL For Speech Synthesis package is available in the Unity Asset Store.



The Chrome Speech Proxy is a Console application that proxies speech data to the Unity engine. The proxy supports speech detection and speech synthesis. The proxy requires admin or sudo rights to host the HTTP server. The Chrome Browser and Unity communicate with the proxy and the proxy passes data between the Chrome Browser and Unity.


Quick Start


1 Install and launch the proxy which creates a config file so that Unity knows where to find the proxy

2 Start Unity and connect

3 Unity proxy management is now able to Launch and Close the proxy

4 Unity proxy management can open and close Chrome Proxy Tab when the proxy is running

5 Close the proxy before changing the port in Unity


The Mac build uses the Mono.framework to launch the proxy.

1 Install the .Net Core for Mac

2 Unzip to a folder

3 Launch the proxy using the Mono.framework in the terminal

"/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/5.0.1/bin/mono32" "ConsoleChromeSpeechProxy.exe"

4 Close the proxy as Unity will be able to find and launch the proxy at this point