Web Automation written in C#, using Web Browser control to automate many things. You can do many things by write JavaScript code to control a Web Browser.
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##How is web automation work?

Web automation is a web browser which can help automation the browser like fill text, click on button, extract the data, save file from web automatically by javascript only.



  1. Login to Gmail
  • Open gmail: go('gmail.com');
  • Wait 5 seconds: sleep(5, false);
  • Fill username: fill("Email", "test");
  • Wait 1 second: sleep(1, false);
  • Fill password: fill("Passwd", "test");
  • Wait 1 second: sleep(1, false);
  • Click button Sign In: click("signIn");
  • Waith 2 seconds: sleep(2, false);
  • Get error message: var text = extract("errormsg_0_Passwd", "text");
  • Show error: alert(text);
  1. Take website image

//Take Snapshot

  • Location to save image: var location = getCurrentPath() + '\image.png';
  • Save to image: takesnapshot(location);

##Which thirdparty was used in the Web Automation project?

  1. GeckoFx
  • Replace web browser control
  • Geckofx-Core.dll
  • Geckofx-Winforms.dll
  • xulrunner (folder)
  1. Scintilla.NET
  • Using for texteditor
  • SciLexer.dll
  • SciLexer64.dll
  • ScintillaNET.dll
  1. NPOI
  • Working with excel file (xls)
  • NPOI.dll
  1. MouseKeyboardLibrary
  • Record your mouse and keyboard
  • MouseKeyboardLibrary.dll

##How to run Web Automation project?

  • Make sure all thirdparty exists in output folder
  • Click WebAutomation.sln to open project
  • Because all dll above was inorge when upload to github so please get it from links above.
  • More Infomation