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Kiba is a lightweight Ruby ETL framework (Extract - Transform - Load) framework. It makes it easy to write reliable, concise, well-tested & maintainable data-processing code in Ruby.

Kiba development & maintenance is funded by LoGeek, a French data-oriented consultancy.

Read for more info:


Kiba Common

Kiba Common is an OSS companion gem to Kiba, bringing commonly used features to Kiba:

Kiba Pro

Kiba Pro adds powerful vendor-backed extensions for Kiba ETL. Purchasing a Kiba Pro subscription (via also supports the continued maintenance & development of Kiba Open-Source.

Available components

Purchasing, installation, misc

Upcoming components

Roadmap (not in a specific order):

  • SQL Bulk Lookup
  • Generic Paginating HTTP source
  • Parallel Transform
  • Data profiling tools
  • S3 components
  • CPU & memory profiler
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