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BrewLAN is a mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance that has been in on and off development by a team of one for nearly a decade. It adds a wide variety of new units for all factions, as well as offering several new game modes and features. The core design goals for the mod are simple; to add new, interesting, and visually aesthetic units which complement those already in existence and to maximize technical compatibility with other mods. For more information, screenshots, and the community, visit its ModDB page.


If you are installing manually, make sure to remove any old versions of BrewLAN files first, then merge the contents of the /maps/, /mods/, and /gamedata/ folders with that of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. If you have a fresh install, there may not be a mods folder.

Default locations are:

  • %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\SteamApps\common\supreme commander forged alliance\
  • %ProgramFiles(x86)%\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance\

Alternatively, the /mods/ and /maps folders can be installed into your documents folder. The /gamedata/ folder can only be installed in the main directory. The documents folder location for the English language version of the game is:

  • %UserProfile%\My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\


If you did everything correctly, assuming installation entirely in the game directory rather than split between your documents and the directory, your game install should look like:

  • Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
    • bin
      • ForgedAlliance.exe or SupremeCommander.exe on steam
      • ... (a bunch of .dll files and other files)
    • gamedata
      • brewlan.scd
      • cratedrop.scd
      • crystalhill.scd
      • experimentalicons.scd
      • tead.scd
      • lua.scd
      • units.scd
      • ... (a bunch of other .scd files)
    • maps
      • BREW_REEF
      • BREW_DEV
      • SCMP_001
      • ... (a bunch of other folders containing scenario data)
    • mods
      • BrewLAN
      • BrewLAN_Gameplay
      • BrewLAN_Modules
      • BrewLAN_Plenae
      • BrewLAN_RNG
      • BrewLAN_Units
      • ... (potentially other mod folders).
    • ... ('movies', 'sounds' and other folders)

If your installation looks like /mods/brewlan/mods/brewlan or /mods/mods/ then there is an issue.


Created by Sean "Balthazar" Wheeldon


  • Daniel "mr.deagle" <redacted> – Chinese localisation, code critique, additional code, puffreading
  • Sprouto – Code critique, additional code


For more complete localisation credits see the master translation document

  • Ajay "theonewhonevergivesa" – Russian localisation
  • Simon "106.Bluebird" Jenner – German localisation
  • asdrubaelvect29 – French localisation
  • Marc "Explo" Tassetti – French localisation
  • Jaisse – French localisation
  • Oaks – Czech localisation
  • Gnio – French localisation
  • MarLo – German localisation
  • Markty_07 – French localisation

Financial supporters

  • 🦞 Stash
  • Darkdessy
  • Dragun101
  • Saxxonknight
  • Syrinx
  • Deathtrooper
  • RD
  • Mogwai
  • Flaxbeard
  • Guillaume Chapeau
  • 🦕 Marcin Mikołajczak
  • Adam Brown
  • Neutral Effect
  • Mirko Gebauer
  • 🦕 Nick Moe
  • 露露特 普
  • Ivar Viklund Grundelius
  • Greenfly