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The Blue Alliance - React Native

React Native code used in The Blue Alliance's iOS app



The React Native codebase needs a few dependencies to get setup. The commands below suggest Homebrew to install the dependencies. If you're trying to get the codebase setup on Linux or Windows, follow the links to find platform-specific setup instructions.

Build Tool Dependencies

  1. Install Node/npm and Watchman
    • brew install node watchman
  2. Install React Native
    • npm install -g react-native-cli
  3. Clone this repository and navigate to the cloned project
    • git clone
    • cd the-blue-alliance-react
  4. Install project dependencies
    • npm install

Developing Locally

You can test the React Native code locally with The Blue Alliance for iOS running in a simulator. Start the React Native server and navigate to the corresponding view in the app (Match Breakdown or Event Stats).

  • Start server: react-native start
  • To view RN logs: react-native log-ios
  • Debugging is easier if you install react-devtools

Building Locally

For compiling the React Native bundle to be used offline. The iOS app expects the hosted files to be zipped in a file called

$ react-native bundle --platform ios --dev false --assets-dest ios --entry-file index.ios.js --bundle-output ios/main.jsbundle --reset-cache
$ zip -r ios/

Building and Deploying with Travis

For building and deploying with Travis, follow the setup guide available HERE.


Want to add features, fix bugs, or just poke around the code? No problem!

Project Communication

  • Keep up to date with the mailing list.
  • Chat with us on our Slack team. (Request an invite in the mailing list.)
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