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slater theme is deprected and now maintained in slater

Note, the slater-theme is now bundled with Slater-CLI


This theme is no longer maintained here


Slater than Slate. Minimaler than minimal.

Up and Running

Clone the repo to your local environment

git clone theme

cd theme

npm install or yarn install

Initial build

We need to upload our initial build of the theme, we can do this by running npm run build to compile the theme one time, from there we can zip the src archive and upload it to our Shopify environment.


Duplicate the config-sample.yml and grab the creds from your shopify theme.

In two separate windows run the watch command (this is to allow us to use our own build process on top of Shopify Slate).

npm run watch:assets - watches js and css

npm run start - manages theme refresh/upload

Custom Routing

We're using operator to extend pjax style routing throughout the theme. This can be used to fetch/cache/handle transitions between routes. This can also help us init/code split specific javascript to specific routes (for example a flickity slideshow).

The code for handling this is found in lib/router

We use the afterRender and beforeRender methods for handling page transitions

To block a custom route add the no-ajax class to the url element.


I think slate is awesome, but I don't like that it's a closed box, I love the flexibility of things like react-create-app because it let's you actually eject the project and extend it. So this is a bit of a hack but I think y'all enjoy it. If you don't like it though, you don't have to use it ;)

Why why

Slate is a really big step forward to Shopify theme development. However, we generally prefer Webpack to Gulp, vanilla js to jQuery, CSS to SCSS, functional to object-oriented, etc. We've removed the boilerplate in favor of nothing, and will be releasing packages to replace the functionality of Slate in the near future.


Shopify Starter theme based on slate




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