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This repo is archived in favor of the Shopify developer tools announced in Unite 2021.

Dawn is Shopify's reference theme.


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Slate - End of Support (January 2020)

After re-evaluating Slate and its current state, Shopify has decided to officially end support for Slate.


With the launch of our new section theme architecture we're taking a step back to examine our current tooling and how we can deliver the best theming experience to our theme developers.

Slate is not in line with our vision for themes moving forward and it does not solve two of the larger asks our theme developers have made:

  • Local development of a Shopify theme
  • Support for code versioning within themes

I’m a theme developer that is using Slate. What should I do now?

Slate was built upon Theme Kit as an opinionated way to setup up a Shopify theme build. Shopify will continue to actively maintain and support the growth of Theme Kit through the open-source community.

You can continue using Slate the way you have been. While we will not be maintaining it any longer, you can still fork the repo to suit your own needs.

Slate v1.0 is currently in beta. Expect more bugs than a final release. If you are migrating from using the previous version of Slate, please review the new documentation as there are breaking changes. Slate v1.0 has not yet been tested on Windows.

To view the previous version of Slate, visit the 0.x branch.

Slate empowers developers of all skill levels to build quality Shopify themes. Slate guides developers by providing a tested workflow and opinionated development toolkit, while also accommodating more established developers through advanced configuration.

🚀 Get started with a new Slate project


Visit the official Slate documentation website for complete documentation Slate's concepts and technical details, as well as helpful guides!


For help on setting up the repo locally, building, testing, and contributing please see

Code of Conduct

All developers who wish to contribute through code or issues, take a look at the Code of Conduct.


Copyright (c) 2018 Shopify. See LICENSE for further details.


We would like to specifically thank the following projects, for the inspiration and help in regards to the creation of Slate:


Slate is a toolkit for developing Shopify themes. It's designed to assist your workflow and speed up the process of developing, testing, and deploying themes.




Code of conduct

Security policy





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