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The Muses

The Muses is a non-profit organisation that is aimed at addressing the economic barriers to education and the resulting socio-economic problems.


  1. Cassie Public

    Increasing neuroplasticity in the critical thinking and memory regions of the brain, using real-time machine learning.

    C++ 3

  2. Frontend of a platform to distribute free online educational resources. Programmatically generating thousands of pages from a GraphQL database.

    JavaScript 1

  3. Serverless serving of your Machine Learning models with the Hades AWS Lambda Custom Container.

    Python 3 1

  4. Plutus Public

    Facilitating funding for non-profit organisations through artificial intelligence


  5. Cassandra Public

    A platform to distribute free online educational resources.

    JavaScript 3 8

  6. A multi-threaded, cloud native and scalable web-crawler swarm system to scrape thousands of resources per second.



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