X11 Keyboard Simulator from File/Serial Port for barcode scanners
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softwedge: A serial software keyboard wedge for *nix X11
	   (c) 2007 Yann Ramin <atrus@stackworks.net>

softwedge is a small Linux utility which forwards data from a serial
port (such as from a tty, or a barcode scanner) and re-issues the data
as X11 key press events.

softwedge was designed to allow ordinary applications to accept data
from a Bluetooth barcode scanner (for testing, the author used a
Metrologic FocusBT, though any *decoded* serial or Bluetooth barcode
scanner should work).  Un-decoded scanners won't work - softwedge
expects input near the US-ASCII character-set, though not all control
codes work at this time.

Build status:


Quick start:

make install

(If serial port is /dev/rfcomm0)
softwedge -c /dev/ttyWhatever


	Sets serial port 
	Run in the foreground - don't fork
	See version information


- Softwedge can't set any serial port parameters - use

- No support of input cleanup is supported	
  (extra LF removal, etc)
- Not all escape codes will directly transfer to X11 input at this time.
  I.e., FedEx PDF417 codes, UPS MaxiCode
- International barcode character sets are untested (i.e. QR Code)


- Multiple input methods to allow for more international control
  i.e. text to clipboard
- Testing of more control codes
- Support of more Barcode specific features 
  	  - FocusBT encryption support, 2-way support
- GUI config tool
- and more...