Appcelerator remote services to connect, download and install databases and images
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#Appcelerator Services

A collection of Appcelerator modules that can be used together to download, update and install SQL Light databases and images as well as using cached images.

##Download Database:

To check for updates before downloading the database enable this feature by passing in a remote versionAddress url that returns a version number, this number will be written to a local text file named 'version.txt'.

 	// include the module
 	var dbConnectionService = require( '/DBConnectionService' );
	 * 	completedHandler - called once the database has loaded passing the database blob file
	 * 	errorHandler	- called upon download error
	 * 	streamHandler	- called on the progress of the download
	 * 	databaseAlreadyUpToDataHandler - if using versioning, called if the database version number is the same as the already installed DB
	 * 	serverAddress	- remote address of the database file
	 * 	versionAddress	- only used if using versioning ( remote address to get the latest version number )
	 * 	timeout			- HTTPClient timeout duration
 	dbConnectionService.init( completedHandler, errorHandler, streamHandler, databaseAlreadyUpToDataHandler, serverAddress, versionAddress, timeout );
 	dbConnectionService.versionFile( new-filename ); // use to specify a new filename for a version text file
 	// dispose

##Installing Database:

	// include the module
 	var dbInstallationService = require( '/DBInstallationService' );
	 * 	databaseName		- name of the database file
	 * 	dbInstalledHandler	- called when the database is installed
	 * 	errorHandler		- called if there was an error with the installation
	dbInstallationService.init( databaseName, dbInstalledHandler, errorHandler );
	// install the database
	dbInstallationService.installDatabase( blob-file ); // can be file received from dbConnectionService
	// dispose

##Downloading Images:

	// include the module
 	var imageLoadingService = require( '/ImageLoadingService' );
	 * 	completedHandler	- called when all files have completed downloading
	 * 	errorHandler		- called on error
	 *  imageDirectory		- directory to store images ( default 'images' )
	 * 	overwriteExisting	- overwrite file if exists with the same name
	 * 	serviceTimeout		- stop downloading even if downloads have not yet completed 
	 	- prevents app spending too long downloading images if the files are too big, or connection too slow
	 * 	connectionTimeout	- HTTPClient timeout duration for each image
	imageLoadingService.init( completedHandler, errorHandler, imageDirectory, overwriteExisting, serviceTimeout, connectionTimeout );
	// start the download
	imageLoadingService.start( [ URLS Array ] );
	// dispose


##Getting cached Images

Based on Appcelerator's Image Best Practices

	// include the module
 	var imageLoadingService = require( '/ImageUtils' );
	 *  Get Cached images, if image are not available download and store
	 * 	imageObject			- image object
	 * 	folderLocation		- images folder location ( default 'images' )
	ImageUtils.getRemoteImage( imageObject, folderLocation );
	// ****** USE ******//
	var image = ImageUtils.getRemoteImage({
		height			: 223,
		image 			: imageURL,
		touchEnabled	: false,
		canCancelEvents	: true,
	} )
	 *  Get image animation seequence to create animation in the ImageView
	 * 	folderPath			- location of images // images/folder
	 * 	sort				- reshuffle array by numeric order
	ImageUtils.getAnimationSequence( folderPath, sort );

Please contact me with regards to any comments and or improvements.