Flash Camoflauge 3 - Flash Camouflage is an open source framework for skinning AS 3 Applications.
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Welcome to Flash Camouflage version 3 codenamed BlueLego. This is a
temporary home for the framework while I sort everything out. Feel
free to download it and take it for a spin. Here is how to get up and
running as quickly as possible.

I'll assume you have the project downloaded by now. Flash Camo relies
on several other libraries to run. Their swcs can be found in the
build/libs folder. Here is what is included:

- F*CSS http://github.com/theflashbum/fcss
- F*BoxModel http://github.com/theflashbum/FBoxModel
- F*SpriteSheet http://github.com/theflashbum/FSpriteSheet

Once you have your IDE pointed to the build/libs folder you should be able
to compile Flash Camo. There is also an Ant build which is helpful to quickly
compile a swc without messing with an IDE or setting up a run. Lets go over
how to use the Ant file:

Step 1. Copy and rename built.template.properties to build.properties. This
contains all the conf info your build script needs to run.

Step 2. Open the build.properties file in a text editor and make the following

    - Correct the path to FLEX_HOME to your local copy of the Flex SDK. It
      it is usually in /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/sdks/4.0.0 (on
      a mac).
    - You can toggle if Test should run or ASDoc get generated by
      adding/removing comments to run.test & run.asdoc
    - Feel free to change the bin (output folder) path if you do not want
      it to show up in your project's bin directory.

Step 3. You should now be ready to run the build. The default target is
compile-swc and this will generate a swc in the build folder. This swc will
include all 3 libraries by default.

Read the Wiki ( http://wiki.github.com/theflashbum/FCamo ) for more info on Flash Camo v3.