Ansible plugin for smart proxy, with Ansible remote execution provider
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Smart-proxy Ansible plugin

Proxy plugin to make foreman_ansible actions run in the proxy

Installation (in development)


We expect your proxy to also have smart_proxy_dynflow 0.1.5 at least, and foreman-tasks-core as a gem requirement.

Get the code

Smart proxy part

Clone the repository:

git clone

Point the foreman proxy to use this plugin with this line in proxy's bundler.d/Gemfile.local.rb assuming the smart proxy and smart_proxy_ansible share the same parent directory.

gem 'smart_proxy_ansible', :path => '../smart_proxy_ansible'

Enable the plugin in proxy's config/settings.d/ansible.yml:

:enabled: true

Foreman part

Refer to foreman_ansible instructions.

Check it's working

After the proxy are up and running, reload the proxy features on Foreman (Infrastructure > Smart Proxies) and the Ansible feature should appear as a new one.

At this point, you should be able to trigger foreman_ansible actions such as running roles for a host and they will run in the proxy when it's available. You should be able to see the output of these jobs under 'Monitor > Tasks' in Foreman.