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A plugin into Foreman's Smart Proxy for running Dynflow actions on the Smart Proxy.

Split architecture

This repository contains two gems, smart_proxy_dynflow and smart_proxy_dynflow_core. Their usage depends on the deployment type.


Simple Smart Proxy plugin containing only an API to forward all requests coming to /dynflow and all the endpoints underneath it to the smart_proxy_dynflow_core service. This gem is only used when smart_proxy_dynflow_core is deployed as a standalone service.


This gem can be either use as a standalone service or run as a part of the Smart Proxy process. Either way, this gem's purpose is to allow running Dynflow actions and provide a simple API for triggering actions and querying information about execution plans.

GET /console

Serves the Dynflow console for human friendly task inspection.

POST /tasks

Used for triggering a task, expects action_class and action_input in the request's body. The action specified by action_class is then planned with action_input provided to the action's #plan method.

curl -X POST localhost:8008/tasks -d @- <<-END
     "action_name": "ForemanRemoteExecutionCore::Actions::RunScript",
     "action_input": {
       "ssh_user": "root",
       "effective_user": "root",
       "effective_user_method": "sudo",
       "ssh_port": 22,
       "hostname": "",
       "script": "true",
       "execution_timeout_interval": null,
       "connection_options": {
         "retry_interval": 15,
         "retry_count": 4,
         "timeout": 60
       "proxy_url": "",
       "proxy_action_name": "ForemanRemoteExecutionCore::Actions::RunScript"
  "task_id": "6905065d-8808-4b02-9ed3-c1e27ce53de1"

POST /tasks/$TASK_ID/cancel

Tries to cancel a task.

curl -X POST localhost:8008/tasks/dd5a8306-0e52-4f68-9e83-c7f51c9e95c3/cancel -d '' 2>/dev/null | jq
  "task_id": "dd5a8306-0e52-4f68-9e83-c7f51c9e95c3",
  "canceled_steps_count": 1

GET /tasks/$TASK_ID/status

Allows querying the task by its id. Returns the full hash of the execution plan, for details about output of this API call see ::Dynflow::ExecutionPlan#to_hash and ::Dynflow::Action#to_hash.

GET /tasks/count

Returns the number of tasks. Optionally a state parameter can be provided to obtain count of tasks in the specified state.


curl localhost:8008/tasks/count?state='stopped' 2>/dev/null | jq
  "count": 20,
  "state": "all"

curl localhost:8008/tasks/count?state='stopped' 2>/dev/null | jq
  "count": 1,
  "state": "stopped"

POST /tasks/$TASK_ID/done

Sends an ::ForemanTasksCore::Runner::ExternalEvent event with full copy of the parsed request's body to the task's step specified by step_id.

curl -X POST localhost:8008/tasks/dd5a8306-0e52-4f68-9e83-c7f51c9e95c3/done \
  -d '{"step_id": 1, "my_custom_data": "something"}'

Handling of delegated actions

Foreman Tasks allows delegating action execution to the Smart Proxy. If a Smart Proxy is specified, the action is delegated there, otherwise the action is run on Foreman itself.

To allow this kind of behavior, certain parts of code need to be able to be used both from Foreman core and smart_proxy_dynflow_core. This is usually done by splitting the plugin's gem into $PLUGIN and ${PLUGIN}_core gems. In general the convention is to have Dynflow actions which can be used either on the smart_proxy_dynflow_core or in Foreman core itself in the *_core gem and the Foreman or Smart Proxy specific parts in the other gem.

From Foreman Tasks' standpoint, there is not difference between a local and Proxy action. In the latter case instead of using the actual action, a placeholder tracking the state of the remote action is used. This placeholder usually triggers the remote action and suspends itself, waiting to receive a callback from the Smart Proxy.

Similarly, when an action is delegated to the Smart Proxy, it is either executed directly on the Smart Proxy or transparently delegated to the smart_proxy_dynflow_core without a need for changing anything.


Clone smart-proxy

git clone

Configure smart proxy

Clone all the repositories

for repo in smart_proxy_dynflow smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh; do
  git clone$repo ${repo}

In smart-proxy directory

mkdir logs

Then add a line that contains :log_file: logs/proxy.log to file config/settings.yml

Configure smart_proxy_dynflow and smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh as usually

cat > config/settings.d/dynflow.yml <<EOF
:enabled: true

cat > config/settings.d/remote_execution_ssh.yml <<EOF
:enabled: true

All-in-one solution

Add all the gems to smart-proxy's bundler.d from local checkouts. All comands are started from the smart-proxy's directory

cat <<-END > bundler.d/dynflow.local.rb
gem 'smart_proxy_dynflow', :path => '../smart_proxy_dynflow'
gem 'smart_proxy_dynflow_core', :path => '../smart_proxy_dynflow'
gem 'smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh', :path => '../smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh'
gem 'smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh_core', :path => '../smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh'

Install the gems and start smart proxy

bundle install
bundle exec bin/smart-proxy

Your smart proxy should now be usable

The separate dynflow way

All comands are started from the smart-proxy's directory

cat <<-END > bundler.d/dynflow.local.rb
gem 'smart_proxy_dynflow', :path => '../smart_proxy_dynflow'
gem 'smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh', :path => '../smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh'

Update the smart proxy config/settings.d/dynflow.yml with the url of core if it's not running on localhost:8008, this is needed if TLS is involved.

Install smart proxy gems and start it

bundle install
bundle exec bin/smart-proxy

Following commands are started from smart_proxy_dynflow folder

Symlink smart_proxy_remote_execuiton_ssh's config from smart-proxy to smart_proxy_dynflow, note the name change

mkdir config/settings.d
ln -s ../../../smart-proxy/config/settings.d/remote_execution_ssh.yml config/settings.d/smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh_core.yml

Copy smart_proxy_dynflow_core example config and optionally edit it manually

cp config/settings.yml{.example,}

Add the smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh gem to Gemfile.local.rb

echo "gem 'foreman_remote_execution_core', :path => '../foreman_remote_execution'" >> Gemfile.local.rb

Install smart proxy dynflow core's gems and start it

bundle install
bundle exec bin/smart_proxy_dynflow_core

If you want to use TLS, configure certificates that smart proxy uses for communication with Foreman.


Dynflow runtime for Foreman smart proxy




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