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Microboot - A Simple Bootloader Implementation

This is the source for a simple bootloader for a range of microcontroller units. Originally developed for the Microboard prototyping system it has now been spun off into it's own project.

The source code presented here includes implementations of the bootloader for a range of processors and a set of Python utilities to read and write the flash. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License which allows you to use and modify the sources for your own needs.

Details of the operation and implementation of this bootloader can be found on a series of posts on The Garage Lab website. These are:

Version History

The 'master' branch will always contain the source for the latest stable release. The versions currently available are:


Initial release. The only MCU supported by this release is the Atmel ATtiny85.


This software includes a number of components developed by others.

The 'intelhex' Library

Reading and writing of HEX format data files is implemented using the 'intelhex' library developed by Alexander Belchenko and released under a BSD license.

One Pin Software UART

The single pin UART design and code came from this site and was developed by Ralph Doncaster.

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