Engineering job openings at The Graide Network.
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What is The Graide Network?

The Graide Network connects K-12 teachers with qualified teaching assistants to grade and provide feedback on student work online. Feedback is one of the most powerful instructional tools that teachers have, so we help them give them more of it to their students.

Our Story

The Graide Network was founded in 2015 by Blair Pircon and Elizabeth Nell, and has won numerous awards for being a promising and impactful education technology company. In 2018, we closed a $1 million seed round, and started growing the team. Currently, the team comprises 6 full-time members with plans to hire 4 more in 2019. We work with teachers at over 100 schools across the country and employ several hundred college students as part-time grading assistants.

You can read more about our company on our website, blog, or in the news. We are a mission-driven education technology company, so if education is your passion, read on.

Are We Hiring Engineers?

Yes! We're currently looking for a software engineer with a passion for education.

About Engineering at The Graide Network

Our impact

Technology is what allowed us to triple graded assignment volume without hiring more full time staff in 2017 and then we did it again in 2019. Technology continues to help us improve the speed, accuracy, and quality of our grading and feedback. The tools we build directly impact the grades that students receive on their papers, and they help teachers see how their class is doing in real-time. All this means that our software has to work, and it has to be reliable, tested, and performant.

Our stack

  • Frontend: Typescript, Angular, Bootstrap
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, NGINX
  • Continuous Integration: Docker, Codeship
  • Production Deployments: Azure, Ubuntu 18.04, Forge

See our high level application architecture document for more detail.

Our engineering team

Karl Hughes - After helping build the first engineering team at Packback, Karl joined the The Graide Network in 2016 as the company's first engineer and CTO. His technical interests include automated testing, microservices, Docker, and PHP. In addition to his work at The Graide Network, he enjoys reading, running, traveling, and his dog Chili.

You? - We're currently looking for a software engineer with a passion for education.

Our hiring process

Read more about the three-step hiring process we have at The Graide Network here. No high-pressure whiteboarding sessions here!