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View for Mission Control for rendering stack traces as flame graphs.
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Community collaboration to provide a view that renders stacktrace selections as flame graphs in Mission Control.

Flame Graph View Example

This plug-in should provide a good example for how to use JavaScript visualization technologies to render complex information from java flight recordings in JDK Mission Control.

To start working on the flame-view, and to test the flame-view:

  1. First import the JMC project into Eclipse.
  2. Don't forget to import the launchers.
  3. Copy and rename one of the launchers (for example the JMC RCP plug-ins launcher), to have your own launcher configuration.
  4. Import the two eclipse projects (the plug-in and the feature projects) from this repo into your eclipse.
  5. Add org.openjdk.jmc.feature.flightrecorder.ext.flamegraph to the features to launch in your launcher.
  6. Launch JMC from within Eclipse with your new launcher.

To use the view in JMC:

  1. Go to Window | Show View | Other...
  2. Select Mission Control / Flame Graph
  3. Put the view where you want it, and select something in the UI that normally has a stack trace aggregate, for example something from the Memory page, or something from the Method Profiling page

For more detailed instructions on how to get going, see

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