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This repository is to accompany my Motorized_MQTT_Blinds video:


Parts List

Stepper Motors:

Stepper Drivers:


12V Power Supply:

Buck Converter:

3D Printing

Download the correct STL file for your style of tilt rod

Wiring Schematic

alt text

File setup

Fill out the entire USER CONFIGURATION section of the code.

You should leave "STEPS_TO_CLOSE" at 12 to start with. It can be adjusted for your specific blinds

Home Assistant YAML

Replace "BlindsMCU" with your MQTT_CLIENT_ID if you changed it in the file setup

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Motorized Blinds"
    command_topic: "BlindsMCU/blindsCommand"
    set_position_topic: "BlindsMCU/positionCommand"
    position_topic: "BlindsMCU/positionState"
    state_topic: "BlindsMCU/positionState"
    retain: true
    payload_open: "OPEN"
    payload_close: "CLOSE"
    payload_stop: "STOP"
    position_open: 0
    position_closed: 12

Recommended Tools

Ender3 3d Printer:

Dupont Crimper and Connector Set:

Alexa only support (no hub required) coming soon

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