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A surprisingly configurable convention-based approach to managing your application's custom configuration settings.
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Chamber is the auto-encrypting, extremely organizable, Heroku-loving, CLI-having, non-extra-repo-needing, non-Rails-specific-ing, CI-serving configuration management library.


Our Ten Commandments of Configuration Management

  1. Thou shalt be configurable, but use conventions so that configuration isn't necessary
  2. Thou shalt seamlessly work with Heroku or other deployment platforms, where custom settings must be stored in environment variables
  3. Thou shalt seamlessly work with Travis CI and other cloud CI platforms
  4. Thou shalt not force users to use arcane long_variables_to_keep_their_settings_organized
  5. Thou shalt not require users keep a separate repo or cloud share sync just to keep their secure settings updated
  6. Thou shalt not be bound to a single framework like Rails (it should be usable in plain Ruby projects)
  7. Thou shalt have an easy-to-use CLI for scripting
  8. Thou shalt easily integrate with Capistrano for deployments
  9. Thou shalt be well documented with full test coverage
  10. Thou shalt not have to worry about accidentally committing secure settings

Full Reference

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Chamber was written by Jeff Felchner and Mark McEahern.

The Kompanee

Chamber is maintained and funded by The Kompanee, Ltd.

The names and logos for The Kompanee are trademarks of The Kompanee, Ltd.


Chamber is Copyright © 2014 Jeff Felchner and Mark McEahern. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

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