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Airspace Hugo

This theme is suitable for a wide variety of businesses, including marketing, photography, and development enterprises.

👀Demo | Page Speed (95%)🚀

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🔑Key Features

  • 📄 9+ Pre-Designed Pages
  • 🌐 Multiple language support (Fr, En)
  • 📊 Google Analytics support
  • 🎨 CSS and JS bundle with Hugo Pipe
  • 🎨 Bootstrap Based
  • ⚙️ Netlify settings predefine
  • 👥 Multiple authors available
  • ✉️ Contact form support
  • 🔄 GDPR consent support
  • 🗺️ Google Maps support
  • 🎉 Fun factors counter
  • 🚀 Google Page Speed optimized
  • 🌐 Open Graph meta tag
  • 🐦 Twitter Card meta tag

📄 9+ Pre-Designed Pages

  • 🏠 Home Page
  • 📚 Blog Page
  • 📝 Blog Single Page
  • 📄 Project Page
  • 🛠️ Services
  • 💰 Pricing
  • FAQ
  • ℹ️ About Page
  • 📞 Contact Page

🖥️Local development

# clone the repository
git clone

# cd in the project directory
$ cd airspace-hugo/exampleSite/

# Start local dev server
$ hugo server --themesDir ../..

Or Check out Full Documentation.

📋Content Management System

import to Forestry

This project has been pre-configured to work with Forestry a git-based CMS, import your repository in Forestry and you will be able to edit and preview your site .

Any changes you make in Forestry will be committed back to the repo and deployed if you use Netlify.

⚙️Deployment and hosting

Deploy to Netlify

Follow the steps.

🎥Prefer a video? (Hugo + Netlify + Forestry)

Build your website with Airspace Hugo theme by following these easy steps (No Coding Required!) Video Tutorial.

🐞Reporting Issues

We use GitHub Issues as the official bug tracker for the Airspace Template. Please Search existing issues. Someone may have already reported the same problem. If your problem or idea has not been addressed yet, feel free to open a new issue.

📱Submit Your Website To Our Showcase

Are you using Airspace Hugo theme? Submit it to our showcase.

Our showcase aims to demonstrate to the world what amazing websites people like you have created utilizing our Hugo themes and to show that Hugo has tremendous capabilities as a Static Site Generator.

View all the websites powered by Airspace Hugo from here.

Submit your Airspace Hugo powered website.


Copyright © Designed by Themefisher & Developed by Gethugothemes

Code License: Released under the MIT license.

Image license: The images are only for demonstration purposes. They have their licenses. We don't have permission to share those images.

🙏Special Thanks

👨‍💻Hire Us

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If you need to customize the theme or complete website development from scratch, you can hire us. Check Our Services

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