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Tailwind CSS Landing Page Demo - Flowbite

Landwind is a free and open-source landing page built for SaaS and product websites based on the Tailwind CSS utility-first framework and the Flowbite Component Library featuring a hero section, customer logos, feature sections, testimonials, pricing cards, FAQ section, pre-footer CTA button and a footer.

Built with ❤️ by Themesberg based on Tailwind CSS and Flowbite.

Live preview

Check out a live demo by clicking here:

🔗 Landwind live preview (🌗 switch on dark mode using your computer preferences)

Getting started

Make sure that you have Node.js, Tailwind CSS and Flowbite installed.

  1. Run npm install inside your terminal

  2. Watch for files and compile Tailwind CSS + Flowbite:

npx tailwindcss -i ./input.css -o ./output.css --watch
  1. To deploy you will only need the index.html file and the output.css styles.

Alternatively you can also just directly copy this code into your own projects, whether you use Laravel, React, Vue.js or other frameworks.

Figma design file

We have also built a free Figma design file that you can duplicate from the community website:

👉 Landwind - Figma Landing Page

Built with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite

This landing page was built using the following technologies:

About us

We build free and premium themes with technologies such as Bootstrap, React, Tailwind, Vue, Laravel and more over at Themesberg.


This project is open source under the MIT license.